How to choose SSL Certificate?

If you are an individual and are going to issue an SSL certificate for the domain name of your site, then the DV Certum Commercial SSL certificate will suit you. This is the most inexpensive type of the certificate. If you have many sub-domains, in order to protect them all, you will need Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard. If you own a lot of domain names, then it will be more profitable for you to purchase the SAN Certyfikat Commercial SSL.


If you wish to register a certificate for a Company that has one or more sites, then you'd better register the OV Certum Trusted SSL Certificate. If the company owns a lot of sub-domains, then it's the most profitable to issue Certum Trusted SSL Wildcard. And if you have a lot of domains at your disposal, it's best to use the SAN Certyfikat Trusted SSL option.


If you are a big company or an authoritative web resource, then you should take advantage of the expanded type of validation CERTUM Premium EV SSL. After register this type of certificate, your website will receive the so-called "green bar" status.