SSL Certificates Types

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer – is a standard for transmission of encrypted data in the Network. SSL certificate is an individual electronic signature of the domain name. It is very important that the SSL certificate be registered in a trustworthy company that provides the necessary guarantees.


Domain name verification. When verifying this Certificate, only the right to own a domain name is checked. This is the most simple and inexpensive procedure for issuing an SSL certificate. It can be issued by any individual or organization.


OV - Verification of domain and organization. If the domain is owned not by an individual but by an organization, then it is preferable to issue a Certificate for the company. And all the domain names that it owns will receive a Certificate of this organization. For registration of this type of Certificate, the rights of the company to own a domain/domains and company requisites have to checked.


EV Certificates are issued only for legal entities. To register the Certificate, the company's data has to fully checked. These organizations are confirmed by the signature of the head and the seal of the organization.


Wildcard type certificates protect all subdomains of the primary domain, without any limitation.


SAN certificates provide the ability to use a single SSL certificate for multiple domain names.